Fleet Vinyl

Your Vehicles are your Best Advertising Areas

Fleet graphics, window lettering, vehicle wraps and magnets are the best way to let the world know about your business. Every where you go, potential customers can see your brand and start to identify ways they could use your services. Vehicle graphics have been proven to be a very effective means of advertising.

Vehicle Wraps are the method of covering your entire vehicle in your graphics. You see this more and more because they are considered ‘high impact marketing’ meaning that they will draw a lot of attention to your advertisement. If you have ever driven a vehicle that has been wrapped, you have noticed the amount of looks you get. You don’t necessarily need to wrap the entire vehicle either, half an partial wraps also offer almost as much impact. 

For many companies, standard lettering or vehicle magnets are the best option. They are cost friendly and go a long way towards presenting a professional image. Magnets are easy to remove and work great for companies that are just getting started. Our standard lettering is a great option for someone who is ready to advertise full time but don’t want the flash of the vehicle wraps.

Here at Brothers Screen Grafx, we have done all of these options many times and would be happy to help you find the solution that is best for your business. Feel free to call or email our vinyl department any time with all the questions you may have.